In addition to selling and installing a wide selection of after market products for your vehicle, Valero Service maintains a comprehensive performance fabrication center.

We have a fully equipped carpentry and metal fabrication shop on premise with builders that think outside the box.  We know how to take an idea from the drawing board to completion utilizing our expert craftsmanship! We can repair most any fiberglass materials and/or parts. Adding to that, we can upholster or re-upholster any chairs/benches or cushions for any vehicle or trailer.

Our Team will work with your plans or our design drawings to build out the functionality, space requirements, technology additions and specialty applications you might require in your project.

No job is too large or too small. Whether the need might include high-end wood or laminated cabinets or metal casings and storage, our Team will build it to fit, paying close attention to detail and striving for perfection. Our trained fabricators and welders can craft your custom design, or even recreate a discontinued or hard to find part.