HY-RAIL Trained Repair Services

As a HY-RAIL Trained Repair Facility, we’ve  installed an 80 foot railroad spur onsite so that we can measure and test the accuracy of our work, making sure that the right specs are in place for each specific piece of equipment, such as excavator or crane trucks, etc.Retouched Truck on 80' track 750X575

We provide HY-RAIL inspections as well as repairs, alignment, adjustments, and maintenance on rail gear. Besides general mechanical repairs to the vehicle itself, we also service warning lights or beacons, check back up alarm, inspect guide wheels wear, inspect tram and alignment and check guide wheel gauge.

Valero’s currently is servicing railroad vehicles for AVR / Carload Express, Frontier Railroad, GREX (Georgetown Rail Equipment Co) and Norfolk Southern.

We  understand your needs of quick turn-around time, safety and personnel concerns and value-based budgets. We’ll work to extend the life of your equipment, keeping everyone safe and saving you money by getting the job done right the first time. And we stand behind our work. We strive to decreases downtime on the track while increasing productivity in the field.

More coming soon!